From 26th to 28th September 2018 has been taken place Conference for Professional Software Developers – DevConf in Kraków. I had the pleasure of taking part in this and I had heard many awesome speeches but one of them will have been never forgotten – “Is Quantum Computing Really a Thing?” by James Birnie. Therefore, I want to describe a fundamental knowledge about qubit and how a quantum computer works. Furthermore, I’m happy to highlight some commercial projects related to Quantum computing.

What is the qubit?

  • Two-state quantum-mechanical system, such as the polarization of a single photon
  • Two possible outcomes for the measurement of qubit – 1 and 0
  • Quantum mechanics tells us the state of a qubit is unknown until it is observed
  • Before the observation, the state is a “probability space”
  • The Bloch sphere describes probability, NOT absolute values

More details:

Quantum computation vs classical computation

  • Quantum circuits hold exponentially more information at any given point for the same logic circuit size
  • Quantum makes problems that are insoluble classically solvable in a reasonable time
  • Quantum computers cannot meaningfully persist state
  • The physical limitations of hardware limit the breadth and depth of programs
  • Quantum computers are hard to program

IBM Q Experience

  • Public access quantum computer
  • Easy to set up
  • Execute programs on real 5 qubit quantum computer
  • Can compose quantum scores and persist them
  • Execute programs on a real

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit

  • Tools to build own quantum computing programs and experiments
  • Visual Studio support
  • Q# – the domain-specific programming language used for expressing quantum algorithms.
  • A full state vector simulator optimized for accurate vector simulation and speed


Introducing QC2 – the Quantum Compute Cloud (Amazon):

Google moves toward quantum supremacy with 72-qubit computer:

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I am a software developer from Poland, currently focused on the .NET platform. I’ve been incredibly passionate about IT since a young age and am always seeking to expand my skillset. Furthermore, my personal development plan includes machine learning, cryptocurrency, image processing, and the Scrum framework. Turning to the personal part of my life. I’m a licensed paraglider holding an International Pilot Proficiency Information Card, a proud Arsenal F.C. supporter and avid traveller with an infatuation for the natural beauty of New Zealand. I’m keen on unusual or extreme sports, and I love to discover and try out new things.

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