Hi everyone!

In the first post on my blog, I want to raise a few topics in which explain what kind of posts you can expect here.

First of all, this blog is where I will be writing about computer science. Certainly, I will post interesting things from my work, university, conferences or private projects but which are hard to find on Google. Furthermore, you will be able to find a few things related to my favorite parts of CSci e.g. machine learning and image processing. What else…? you can expect reports from paragliding or ski trips, places recommended for pilots who want to fly in Poland and also travel reviews, as well as sports tips based on my experience.

Finally, I would like to answer the question, why did I decide to start writing this blog? First, when I was a child I wanted to write a fantasy book, hence, writing makes me happy, second I want to share my knowledge and experience, third I want to promote myself.

Everyone who is convinced, please dive into my upcoming posts.

P.S. Posts will appear regularly in English or Polish version depending on the topic.

About The Author

I am a software developer from Poland, currently focused on the .NET platform. I’ve been incredibly passionate about IT since a young age and am always seeking to expand my skillset. Furthermore, my personal development plan includes machine learning, cryptocurrency, image processing, and the Scrum framework. Turning to the personal part of my life. I’m a licensed paraglider holding an International Pilot Proficiency Information Card, a proud Arsenal F.C. supporter and avid traveller with an infatuation for the natural beauty of New Zealand. I’m keen on unusual or extreme sports, and I love to discover and try out new things.

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