In Poland, there are a lot of ski resorts but most of them are just plain boring. Why? Easy, undemanding slopes, no breathtaking sceneries, long lines for chair-lifts and so on… Fortunately, there exists one exception: Kasprowy Wierch ski resort in Zakopane. I will try to convince you that it’s worth going there. But first a little practical information for anyone who is planning to visit.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get there is to head towards Zakopane. Afterward, type in ‘Kolej linowa Kasprowy Wierch’ into your GPS app and you should be fine. Meanwhile, you can visit Zakopane which offers a lot of attractions for tourists. When you get to the parking, take your ski equipment (or rent at a nearby ski rentals), buy tickets (I recommend buying online) and get in line for Cable Car Kasprowy Wierch which takes you on top of the mountain where you start your ski adventure and perfecting your skills.


Basically, Kasprowy Wierch ski resort offers two main slopes: Goryczkowa and Gąsienicowa. Additionally, you can use the ski fast track which leads to the parking directly. When you get off the cable car, you can see on the left Goryczkowa but if you want to go to Gąsienicowa you must go further to a few meters ahead. Both are a great occasion for apace skiing and developing your skills.
Furthermore, there is a lot of space for off-road skiing without unnecessary trouble from the ski resort staff like: “Hey, man. Go to legal slope cuz you’ll get a ban!!!”. Obviously, everything you do off road is your responsibility and you must be very careful in particular with an avalanche.

Who shouldn’t ski there?

I don’t recommend it for beginners because the slopes are sleep. The rest, who can ski besides snowploughing and aren’t afraid of skiing at high speed, should try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

In the end to prove that my words are true, I’ve included some photos from my last trip from Kasprowy Wierch:



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